Excluding Traffic from Analytics

Our IP Adresses

If you wish to exclude from Google analytics, Heap analytics or any other analytics please exclude these IP addresses.

Please keep in mind that we might add more IP addresses, please refer to here, if something does not look right.

We don't plan on changing these. But in case there is a problem, let us know.

IP Addresses:

How to Exclude From Google Analytics

To exclude PreFlight traffic from your analytics platform you can use an IP exclusion to exclude the range of IPs PreFlight uses to run tests - using a regular expression (RegEx).

To exclude from Google Analytics specifically:

Go to your Google Analytics account and click admin

Click on All Filters on the account panel

Click 'Add Filter'

  • Give your Filter the name Preflight Tests
  • Click Custom under Filter Type
  • Choose Exclude and select/search IP Address under Filter Field

You can see the IP addresses to exlude at the top of this page

Apply the filter to ALL available views.

Save The Filter

And you're done!

Updated at Tue, Jan 24, 2023