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Browser tests depend on CSS and XPath selectors. When the UI is changed, the tests might break and, the QA engineers need to go back and redeploy the tests.

Instead of the selectors breaking the tests, Preflight understands the page structure with Context Awareness which adapts to the changes.

Context Awareness

Context Awareness makes Preflight understand the page structure with boxes, headings, buttons, inputs, forms, etc. If there is a change in the UI, Preflight understands if the website and the context are the same. If it is, Preflight will know that the CSS and XPath selectors have changed, and Preflight will adapt to the changes.

context awareness
How Context Awareness visualizes a web app

Computer Vision and OCR Technology

Computer Vision and OCR are our last resort when we struggle to find information through Context Awareness or selectors.

  • Computer Vision derives meaningful information from an image.

  • OCR stands for "Optical Character Recognition." It is a technology that recognizes text within a digital image.

Computer Vision and OCR work hand in hand to understand the objects of your website and automatically update the tests.

Auto Healing

When Preflight completes your test successfully on your new UI with Context Awareness or Computer Vision and OCR, Preflight will update your selectors automatically.

Updated at Tue, Jan 24, 2023