Dashboard Overview


Quickly you can spot lessons on the dashboard. These lessons will help you understand how to create tests.

  • Click
  • Type
  • Select
  • Checkpoints/Assertions
  • Email Testing
Dashboard Overview These lessons require for you to have the chrome extension installed. You can get it right here.

All tests

On all tests pages, you can find all the tests that are created with the Preflight recorder.

All Tests Overview

Running tests with Custom settings

You can run all tests with Run all tests. But that's not something you want all the time. So you can run tests with custom settings like running on a specific environment, browsers, and screen sizes.

Run all tests dropdown You can run all tests with custom settings when you pick that option from the dropdown. It's not just all the tests. You can also select specific tests, filter, and run on `All tests` page. Run all tests with custom settings
Updated at Tue, Jan 24, 2023