Old Editor

It is recommended to use the new Editor rather than the Old Editor described in this topic.

Old Editor

Access the Old Editor by clicking Old Editor after clicking on a test in the Tests > All Tests page.

Adding Login and Logout Flows

You can add your login and logout tests. Login will run before the main test, and logout will run after the run is complete. In order to do this select your login/logout test from the Login Test and Logout Test dropdowns. This overrides the default login test, if defined.

To chain more tests, see Workflows.

You can also choose to replay your session to see what you have recorded by clicking Replay Session.

Editing/Adding Steps

To Edit/Add Steps:

To edit a step, click on the step you would like to edit. To add a step click on Add Another at the bottom.

To see the list of step types, click here.


We advise adding as many different selectors as possible so that your tests will be less likely to fail. Some examples would be:

XPath: //button[text()=' Log in ']

CSS: button[id='login-2']

You can always use the No-Code Editor, or you can re-record if you find yourself challenged by selectors.

Advanced Settings

Setting your step to be optional means even if that particular step fails, the test will still continue.

You can also define that the step should wait before proceeding. It is in seconds.

Updated at Mon, Sep 18, 2023