Simple Editor

Under your Test Details click on Simple Editor

Editing Steps with Simple Editor

Beware that it is possible to break a test by editing it's steps. We recommend that you duplicate your test before editing.

Here, you can edit your steps without writing a single line of code.

Control Bar

From left to right, the functions of the control buttons are as follows:

• Previous Step

• Play/Stop

• Repeat Step

Repeats the current step you have selected until turned off

• Next Step


To access to more step types and more advanced options, use the Advanced Editor

Edit a Step

To edit a step, click Edit Step next to Delete Step. Choose your step type, then click on the step's screenshot to choose your element from the player.

Simple Editor will take you to Advanced Editor if you wish to edit advanced steps

To see the list of step types, click here

Add a Step

To add a step, hover over where you want to add it among the steps and click the + icon. Choose your step type, then click on the step to pick your element from the player.

Delete a Step

To delete a step click Delete Step next to Edit Step.

Updated at Tue, Jan 24, 2023