How to Test a Registration Page

Unless your product allows the same email address to be used multiple times to register - you'll need to add a variable to make the test work every time you want to test your registration page.

Create the test

You're going to create the test in the normal way. Record it with an email address that is unique. E.g.

When you save the test, this test will fail because the state changed between the test creation and us running it (namely, you hadn't registered before!)

Now we can edit the test, and insert a variable.

Editing the test

Open the test details page and click 'view/Edit Steps'

Now find the step where you enter the email address

Now change the email address to include our Test Result ID Variable:


Save the step, now run the test and it will work.

Note: you don't need the + symbol


Be consistent with your email address usage so it's easy to remove them from your internal usage data. You don't want the 100s of test results to make your conversion stats to take a nosedive.



Then you can exclude all emails with or which start with testaccount.

And that's how you make tests which require unique email addresses repeatable. If you have any questions, start a chat bottom right, or drop us an email:

Updated at Tue, Jan 24, 2023