E-mail Testing

Generate Email

While recording your test, you can print your temporary email by typing {{generate.email}} to the text field of your choice.

You can also do this under Variables.

Accessing Inbox

You can access the inbox under the recording tab. You should see something like this when you receive an email:

Upon clicking, you will view your list of received emails:

Click the one you wish. Doing so will show you a pop-up of the email:

From here, you can choose to do many things:

Create a Checkpoint to store a value.

• Click on an URL to get redirected

• Interact with the email pop-up

The recorder will record all of your actions on the email pop-up

After you're done, you can close the popup from the top-right corner.

Adding Your Custom Email

Adding a custom email can help you keep a user's credentials for further testing.

In order to add a custom email click on the Inbox in the recorder:

Then, click Add New Email:

Type your identifier and click enter or the checkmark.

It should look like this afterwards.

You will find your emails under your email address after it is received.

Updated at Tue, Jan 24, 2023