With Preflight, you can use many random variables to test your app.

Accessing Variables

While recording, if you click on any text field, Preflight will recommend you a variable like so:

You can choose to click on the suggested variable and, Preflight will fill that in. But, to see the entire list of variables, click { } and you will see the following:

You can also access this list from the recorder. Click { } on the step that you would like to assign a variable:

From here, you can choose as many of the provided variables for Preflight to type them in. You can pick multiple variables for your needs. Click Apply when you're done.

If you wish, you can also write your combinations such as:

First name: {{name.firstname}}

To achieve this, type "First name:" on the text field that says Type something and enter and click enter. Then pick your variable(s) from the list.

Used Tab

Under the Used tab, you will see your previously used variables.

You should pick your used variables under here as picking the ones under New tab will generate new randomized variables

You can also use your Checkpoints as variables. To do that, click on the one(s) you would like to use and Apply.

Custom Variables

With Custom Variables, you can set your company wide variables to be used in any test.

Setting Custom Variables

To set your variables, navigate to variables under Test Settings. From here, set your variables however you want to.

Using custom variables in tests

You can use your variables in any step. To use them, type


under any Step Type.

Currently, we don't support using custom variables with the recorder

You can use your custom variables with the Run Javascript step as well.

Updated at Tue, Jan 24, 2023