Testing on Different Screen Sizes

Preflight uses global defaults to define on which screens to run your tests. However, these defaults can be overridden for individual tests that need to run on more or fewer screens. In addition, the defaults can be customized for a specific run only. Preflight supports the following screen sizes:

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Table
  • Phone
Note that for each screen size that you define, a different test will be run.

Defining the Default Screen Sizes

To Define the Default Screen Sizes:

  1. In the Navigation bar, select Settings > Screen Sizes.
  2. Click the checkbox next to each resolution you want to test by default.
These settings will only apply to tests with global settings enabled. By default, all tests adhere to global settings which can be overridden on a per test basis.

Overriding the Default Screen Sizes

To Override the Default Screen Sizes:

The default settings can be overridden if you have tests you want to run on more or fewer screen sizes. For example, specific functionality that has had issues in the past, or core functionality you want to test more thoroughly.

  1. In the Navigation bar, select Tests.

  2. Select a test from the All Tests screen to open it.

  3. Click Test Settings in the top right of the screen and then select Screen Sizes.

  4. Under Choose Screen Sizes select the sizes you want to define for this test.

    Note: To return to the default settings, click Use Global Defaults.

  5. Click Save.

You can also change tests settings in bulk:

  1. In the Navigation bar, select Tests.
  2. Click the checkboxes next to the relevant tests from the All Tests page or from the Groups page.
  3. Select the screen size(s) from the Screen Sizes menu at the top of the page.

Note: To return to the original settings, select Use Global Defaults from the menu.

Defining Screen Sizes On Demand

You can define a specific screen size to test on-demand (one time only).

To Define Screen Sizes On Demand:

  1. In the Navigation bar, select Tests.
  2. Select the tests you wish to test. To test all tests don't select any.
  3. Click the arrow next to Run All Tests and select Run All Tests with Custom Settings.
  4. In the Screen Size section, select the screen sizes you want to test.
  5. Scroll down and click Run All\Selected Tests Now.
  6. Click Confirm.
Updated at Mon, Sep 18, 2023