You can chain your independent tests one by one to form a large-scale UI test for your needs with Workflows.

Add your tests

Navigate to Workflows and click on Create Workflow. Choose your first test and click Add Another add the bottom of the page when you want to chain another test.

Your randomized variables (Such as first name or password) will stay the same throughout all of your chained tests

Running your Workflow

To run your Workflow, click Run Workflow. You can check your result under Workflow Results. If your result doesn't show, refresh your page.

To run your workflow with Custom Settings, such as adding a screen size, browser or changing the environment, click the down arrow next to Run Workflow and then Run with Custom Settings. This will only run the Workflow once with these settings.

Under your results, you will see your chained tests, and if you click on any of one of the tests you can see the full video of your result.

Customize Your Action Values

With Workflow, you can customize your credentials or values without creating a new test. Doing so helps you save tons of time, and you can create as many other workflows as you want by using the same tests.

After adding your tests in a Workflow, make sure to click Submit Workflow . Only then will you be able to customize your values.

To start customizing, click Edit Workflow and click the test you would like to change the values of. You should see a window like so:

You will see your default values as placeholders in their corresponding text field. To edit, click the toggle next to Customize in Workflow under the value you would like to change.

Enter your desired value. You can click the {x}₊ button to see a list of randomized variables and your previously used values.

You can also choose to use your Custom Variables as well.
Click Save after you are done with customizing for the changes to take effect.
Updated at Tue, Jan 24, 2023